NIAA Research Grants: Application guidance

For a list of specific issues and solutions please see below, however if you encounter any further difficulties please contact us.

For a list of NIAA Research Grants FAQs please click here

Technical difficulties with ScholarOne on closing date

Please don't leave submitting your application until minutes before the deadline (12 noon) on the closing date. The website gets very busy and can't handle lots of people trying to submit their application at the same time, and you may find that your submission doesn't get uploaded in time.

We are unable to accept applications after the closing date, so please ensure you leave plenty of time to submit your application to meet the deadline.

'Missing' application/not submitted

All applications that are successfully submitted are acknowledged by an automated email. Please check you receive this email once you have uploaded your application. It should look like this (click to enlarge):

ScholarOne example email

If you do not receive this email and feel sure you have uploaded your application correctly please contact us.

Supporting documentation/cover letter

Please read the rubric and application form for your chosen grant category carefully. Each NIAA funding partner has specific criteria and requirements for their funding, and the instructions provided will tell you what you need to include for your application to be considered.

Your application should be uploaded to ScholarOne as a single pdf document and should generally consist of the following:

o Completed application form including name(s) of applicant(s) and any collaborators
o Contact details
o Institution
o Title/aims of proposed research
o Scientific abstract of the project (up to 200 words)
o Structured lay abstract (up to 500 words)
o Proposed starting date
o Breakdown of project costs and justification for requested items
o Details of other funding
o CVs of applicants

This list is not exhaustive however and each application form will vary so please do check the instructions. There is no longer any need to send a hard copy of the application to us in the post, however you do need to make sure that the electronic version that you submit has been fully signed by all relevant parties.

It's not mandatory to include a cover letter with your application; however you may choose to do so. Should you wish to include a cover letter please include this as the first page of your single pdf document when uploading your application.

Problems uploading/creating pdf document to submit application

Unfortunately we are unable to submit your application on your behalf. However if you are having difficulties with your pdf document please contact us and we'll try to help.

Problems creating/accessing an online account in ScholarOne

If you have previously had access to ScholarOne, either as an applicant or reviewer, you should be able to use the same login details as before. If you have any difficulties with this please contact us.