NELA Project Team

Dave Murray Colour v2

Dr Dave Murray
NELA Chair


Dr Carolyn Johnston

Lyndsay Pearce headshot_16 Aug 2022

Ms Lyndsay Pearce
NELA Surgical Lead

Dr David Saunders
NELA Anaesthesia Lead

  • Prof David Cromwell - Methodologist/RCS CEU
  • Prof Iain Moppett - NELA Research Advisor, HSRC Director
  • Dr LJ Spurling - NELA Research Fellow
  • Ms Hannah Javanmard-Emamghissi - NELA Surgical Fellow
  • Ms Louise Silva- NELA Surgical Fellow
  • Dr Justin Kua- NELA Research Fellow
  • Dr Nicola Kelly - NELA Research Fellow
  • Dr Ee-Neng Loh - NELA Research Fellow
  • Mr David Larkin - NELA Surgical Fellow
  • Mr James Bunce - NELA Surgical Fellow
  • Dr Angela Kuryba - Statistician
  • Dr Kate Walker - Statistician
  • Dr Peter Martin - Statistician
  • Mr Paul Cripps - Net Solving
  • Ms Sharon Drake - RCoA Director of Clinical Quality and Research
  • Ms Carly Melbourne - RCoA Associate Director of Clinical Quality and Research
  • Mr Jose Lourtie - RCoA Head of Research
  • Ms Christine Taylor - RCoA Research Manager/NELA Project Manager
  • Mr Aiman Al-Eryani - RCoA Data Analyst

Corresponding members:

  • Ms Gillian Tierney - NELA Surgical Advisor
  • Ms Sonia Lockwood- NELA Surgical Advisor

NELA Project Team - Terms of Reference

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