NELA Dataset Changes

The Project Team have carried out some changes to the NELA Dataset for year 5 data collection which are summarised below:

Year 5 Dataset Changes

  • New Questions:
  • Q1.13a & 1.13b - Question added regarding Learning Disabilities and ASD
  • Q2.12a & 2.12b - Questions added regarding Frailty of patient
  • Q7.4b - Question added regarding the planned return to theatre

  • Wording/Options updated:
  • Q3.5i &3.5ii
  • Q5.1
  • Q7.4
  • Q7.4a

  • Questions removed:
  • Q3.16a

Quality Improvement Questions

On the NELA Webtool by default Quality Improvement (QI) questions are enabled. If you do not wish to collect data for one or more QI questions, the questions can be disabled. This is done on the NELA webtool.

For further information and Help Notes download the document below

 NELA - Patient Audit - QI Questions Help Notes.pdf (406 KB)

Export Key

The export key available from the 'Support' menu on the web tool has also been updated for Year 5 of the audit. This now includes the new questions that will go live on the web tool for admissions from 1st December 2017.