Two NELA Quality Improvement videos have now been launched and are available as a playlist on the Royal College of Anaesthetist's YouTube channel. Why not try these QI strategies in your trust and contact us with your results?

Using Run Charts

Run charts are a simple, effective improvement tool to display and understand your NELA data and your team's performance over time.

This short animation is an introduction to the what, why and how of using run charts to help you use your NELA data and the NELA dashboard to drive local improvement in emergency laparotomy care.

Improving Data Feedback

NELA data collection is most effective for local improvement if we feedback our data following a few simple rules.

How can you use your local NELA data and feed it back more effectively? This animation describes how we can use our NELA data to drive local improvement, using simple effective principles for data feedback.

More videos to come...