FLO-ELA Update

FLO-ELA is an important trial supported by NELA, and it is looking for additional sites to reach the required recruitment rate.

The trial team have made an excellent start, with more than 40 active hospitals and nearly 450 patients recruited. Feedback from sites suggests the process of patient recruitment and randomisation is simple and easy.

All data are captured through the NELA webtool, so the main additional task is patient recruitment. The trial is adopted to the NIHR portfolio so will attract funding from your local Clinical Research Network. However, the team needs around 100 sites each contributing 2-3 patients/month to reach the required sample size of 7500 patients.

This is a critical time for FLO-ELA and large UK perioperative trials in general. If we show that our community can deliver ambitious projects like this we will be in a much stronger position to win funding for future large scale projects in laparotomy care.

If you are not already involved with this trial, please try to take part.

The trial team are happy to address any queries and will support you in local conversations. The full protocol and site feasibility form are available at www.floela.org and the trial team can be contacted at: admin@floela.org .

This is also an ideal opportunity for trainees to make an important contribution and gain research experience. There is more information on training requirements for the trial here here. and you can find out more about trainee involvement in your area by emailing trainees@floela.org .