From April 2024, NELA have been commissioned to extend our audit to include patients who present with an acute abdominal NELA-eligible pathology requiring surgery, but who are not taken to theatre--the 'NoLap' cohort. This is an important aspect of care for all emergency surgery patients, and including this group will improve care for all patients.

Similar to our operative cohort, there will be a set of care standards defined, against which we will audit. Many of these are identical to those we audit against for the operative cohort. Many of the questions asked of this cohort are identical to those for the operative cohort, with a few additions specific to the NoLap group.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

Standards of Care

Question Proforma


The NELA Team conducted a webinar on 27th February 2024 to present an overview of the NoLap cohort. The slides from the presentations as well as the recording can be found below.

Presenter's Slides