NELA QI Posters

Over the last few years the NELA Project has sponsored a Trainee Poster Prize at the AAGBI Winter Scientific Meetings and ASGBI International Surgical Congresses. This is for the best poster that uses local hospital NELA data to bring about an improvement in the quality of care.

The members of the Project Team have been very impressed by the posters submitted to date and are thrilled to see NELA data being used on a local level to drive Quality Improvement.

As a result we are happy to share some of the Posters submitted to demonstrate how NELA participants continue to put the patient data to good use.

NELA Posters

2018 Posters

Previous Years
 A simple solution to improving risk assessment (pPOSSUM) scoring for laparotomy cases using quality improvement methodology..pdf (170 KB)

 Administering the NELA in the context of a previously successful quality improvement care bundle - the loss of marginal gains..pdf (148 KB)

 Improving outcomes following emergency laparotomy - Assessing the impact of quality improvement measures based on NELA recommendations.pdf (173 KB)

 Management of Sepsis in patients undergoing emergency laparotomy - An audit of local NELA data.pdf (107 KB)

 NELA - Implementation of peri-operative care pathway for patients undergoing emergency laparotomy - An ongoing quality improvement.pdf (201 KB)

 NELA at Homerton Hospital - Creating a new culture in peri-operative care.pdf (139 KB)