NELA QI Workshops

The NELA Project Team working with local NELA and QI leads have been running a series of NELA regional Quality Improvement Workshops.

You can download the various presentations that were used at these workshops below:

NELA Workshop Presentations

 1. NELA National Perspective v2.pptx (4.27 MB)

 2. NELA QI principles V2.pptx (5.24 MB)

 3. NELA workshop- data access and run charts v3.pptx (9.23 MB)

 4. NELA making changes V2.pptx (627 KB)

 5. NELA group session workshop.pptx (1.53 MB)


Workshop Aims
Each workshop is aimed at all the multidisciplinary team involved in the emergency surgery pathway, and will look at how to improve care for emergency laparotomy patients, using quality improvement principles and data available to all trusts through the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit.

A member of the NELA Project Team will be present at each workshop.

Sites were encouraged to bring members of the team who work together on a pathway. The workshops were attended by surgeons, anaesthetists, intensive care staff and those with a role in perioperative improvement/governance.

Learning outcomes
To provide information on the challenges of caring for emergency laparotomy patients, and describe the NELA standards of care

To discuss local challenges in emergency laparotomy care and provide improvement ideas based on team discussions and by highlighting best practice elsewhere

To demonstrate the role of NELA data in improving care for emergency laparotomy patients and teach delegates to extract and analyse their own data in real time

To use QI principles to guide improvement planning for emergency laparotomy care that delegates can take back to their trust for implementation